Working in NZ

New Zealand has a lot to offer to nurses. There is a generally high quality work environments, a nationally agreed pay structure for public hospitals and loads of job opportunities!

Applying for Jobs

We regret that cannot give specific advice about your job seeking. Simply apply direct to our advertisers using the links contained in adverts.


Nursing registration is overseen by The Nursing Council of NZ and their website has essential information on registration.
Generally speaking it is helpful to be assisted in the registration process by your employing hospital or recruitment agency. However if you wish to manage this yourself the process is completely fair and honest.

Health Care Structure

New Zealand has 20 District Health Boards which co-ordinate publicly funded health care throughout NZ. There are also private hospitals, which usually operate as not-for-profit trust. The aged care sector in NZ is huge and growing. Salaries in this sector have just been increased and aligned with other jobs in the health sector. There are also many opportunities for practice nursing, community nursing etc. The standards observed will be equivalent to a UK / USA model of care.

Living in NZ

NZ is a great country to live, and lifestyle is often a huge factor in peoples’ choice to move to, or stay in, New Zealand.

Immigration Assistance and Advice

Using a reputable Licensed Immigration Adviser can save you time and stress.

This company is both reputable and licensed by the New Zealand Government to assist you with your immigration requirements –